Consumption high quality construction steel is the unchangeable trend

Ngày đăng : 26/09/2018

Steel is used for building projects: houses, offices, buildings, bridges, roads, factories ... There are two types of steel construction (common and high quality construction steel). In the trend of modern construction, the demand of "high quality, short construction time, low cost" is more and more necessary. Therefore, the demand for high quality construction steel is increasing significantly.

In developed countries, it has become popular in consumption high quality steel. In Vietnam, Vietnam Italy Steel JSC and some other factories are completely able to produce this type of steel. Asper the evaluation of researchers and contractors, using high quality construction steel benefits consumers and society much:

1. Enhance the longevity and quality of the buildings

Compare with construction steel manufactured under common standard (such as grade 40 - American standard, grade SD295 - Japanese standard, grade CB3 - Vietnam standard), high quality construction steel (such as CB4, CB5 - Vietnamese standard, grade 460 - British standard ...) have higher tensile strength and durability. Therefore, using high quality construction steel enhance the quality and longevity of the buildings.

Comparison table of strength tensile and durability
Common construction steel
(Grade CB3)
High quality construction steel
(Grade CB4 và CB5)

Yield Point (N/mm2)

300 min 400 min (CB4)/ 500 min (CB5)

Tensile strengh (N/mm2)

450 min 570 min (CB4)/ 650 min (CB5)

2. Increase benefit, reduce cost

Asper the evaluation of  domestic and foreign contractors, using high quality construction steel saves 15% in quantity and benefit about 15%  in value amount.

Example: To construct 1 building, using CB4 steel will use less 15% in quantity than that of CB3 steel.

3. Shorten construction time

Superior features of high quality construction steel such as high durability and tensile strength. Therefore, the quantity of required steel
will be less, shorten construction time and speed up the construction progress.
4. Protect national resources and environment
Currently, there are two methods of manufacturing steel in the world. The first one is producing from iron ore. And the second one is 
producing from recycled materials - steel scrap. Inthe trend of environmental friendliness, producing steel from recycled materials like 
VIETNAM ITALY STEEL will protect environment,  not destroy natural resources.
Picture: High quality construction steel  branded Vietnam Italy Steel  (VIS)

With the great benefits from using high quality construction steel, in the "Science and Technology Development Strategy to the year 2010  and Vision to the year 2020"  the Ministry of Construction had identified  that "Using new materials with high function " is  the feature  in the field of construction materials technology. In the current steel industry VIETNAM ITALY STEEL JSC is one of the pioneers. High quality construction steel of Vietnam Italy Steel JSC has been trusting and using by consumers, contractors, investors… This steel will replace common ones and become unchangeable trend, benefits consumers and society much. 


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