Vietnam Italy Steel Factory

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Vietnam Italy Steel JSC., owns modern steel-making technology, preeminent project management ability, advanced operating and controlling skills that transferred by world-class experts-Danieli Group in Italy. By striving for reaching region-class position of technology, The VISCO is actively researching and investing zealously to complete closed-production system included refining, epuration and milling finished steel. Vietnam Italy Steel JSC., is one of the leading participants in modernisation of technique and technology which contribute to promote the development of young steel industry of Vietnam.




With line capacity of 250,000 tons per year, Danieli Morgardshamma technology is imported totally from Danieli Italy - the word-class leading corporation. Outstanding features of the production line:

* Walking Hearth Furnaces:
. Able to apply heat from two or more sides to the billets and make the most of heat from burnable materials.
. Ensures equal heat environment.
. Easily adjusts burning speed within 50 tones per hour, guarantees no changes in ferrous chemical composition.
. Minimizes the creation of oxide scab during burning.


* Block including 10 stands:
. Be controlled by one- way electric motor that reaches non-twist.
. Be arranged in perpendicular pair, 450 bevel with horizontal plane to avoid spiral phenomenon in milling process.
. Stands have high speed and force (80m/s) that ensure the free deformation process, stabilize in sizes and high quality for each product.


* Quenching System (QTB):
. Enables products with good elongation and tensile strength, creates optimum bending properties.
. Achieves stable physical specification for a long time.
. High yield strength value can obtain in QTB process with lower amount of alloying elements.
. Rebar processed by QTB have good weld ability and with non-crack during welding.
. High pressure ability of bar surface settled by heating and high pressure of Mactenxit layer that is why rebar can be used in reinforced concrete bearing strength force.


* Center Control Cabin: controlling milling process


* CNC machine-tools groups: ensures accuracy of measurement, standard of surface quality and perfect-looking for our products.


* Products are collected and packaged automatically:
. Help increasing productivity
. Ensure safety in receipt and delivery process.
. Steel bundle with the settled number of rebar in each sort of products.