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Abiding by business principles “Industrial production as core - Production and trade effectiveness as measure and motivation for development”, Vietnam Italy Steel JSC. has been expanding and improving step by step the closed-production system to making high quality construction steel.

Vietnam Italy Steel built, operated and successfully managed Vietnam Italy Billet Manufactory using Consteel technology – the leading refining technology transferred by TECHINT Corp (Italy).




With line capacity 400.000 tons per year, 100% equipments are imported; refining technology from world-class TECHINT Corp has outstanding features below:


* Electric Arc Furnace (EAF):

. Continuous charging system Consteel melts scrap by current fused steel in furnace without using electrode.

. Restraining maximum losing heat in compare with using traditional furnace.

. Reducing timing of each heat.

. Less power wasting.

. Increasing metal recovering effect.

. Low pollution and helping environment protection.


* Ladle Furnace LF (60 ton/heat)

. Increasing rejecting impurity effect.

. Adjusting billet’s chemical composition follow grade defined.


* Continuous casting system 4 machines, 4 lines:

. Automatic billet cutting system by flame ensures geometry accuracy, surface quality and perfect looking.

. Cooling bed upturns progressively by step making billet cool steady, not be warping.


* Oxygen making factory with capacity 3.200m3/h: Ensuring to provide enough oxygen to production and supply to market.


* Quality management system: ISO 9001-2008, examining scrap by SGS, AHK, VILAS lap base on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.


* Environment-friendly technology:

. Reducing noise from electric arc sounded in fused steel liquid, under iron oxide layer.

. Sucking dust totally out through side of furnace and treated by dust treatment system with capacity 1 million m3/h.

. Cess-water from production is recovered and treated by water treatment circulation system with capacity 5.700 m3/h. Surface cess-water is recovered into water treatment tank designed based on approval of  Natural Resources and Environment Office.